Welcome to the Yezdis of India Project. The magic of the Yezdi motorcycle has enamoured people of different age groups all over the country. Many of these individuals have dedicated their whole lives to this beautiful motorcycle. Many of these personalities are not with us anymore. Many more new stories are also being written on a daily basis. So we want to catalogue all the memories of this legendary motorcycle through this website.


Born to speed. An Irani’s racing story.

Born with the need for speed and a thirst for victory, Fariborz A. Irani, legendary racer and role model to thousands, opens up about a life filled with circuits, competition, and championships.

Special mission to the US for the SAS on Yezdis

Meet Satish, Arun and Stanley (SAS). Three supercharged adventurers, on two hardy Yezdis, dared to ride the American dream, from sea to shining sea. Come along and read their story.

Share your story

If you want to recommend someone who has dedicated their life to these incredible machines, then send their details to us and we would be happy to narrate their story. Or if you have some interesting historical information or images like old RC books etc., then please send them to us and we'll share them with the community.